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Need an astrology writer or a freelance astrologer with a difference? We provide astrology content and new age web content, astrology reports for loyalty schemes and corporate gifts, astrological and new age journalism services - top quality astrology and new age writing, written just for you.


We all know how popular astrology is - you only have to look at the statistics for the number of people who regularly read their horoscope column. Horoscopes in particular must be the original 'sticky content', keeping your visitors coming back day after day or week after week.

Webmasters looking for astrology content quickly find that the usual syndicated horoscopes are a disappointment, however - the same text appearing at the same time on dozens and dozens of web sites. Your visitors have probably already read it, and are bored of it. This is where Elysian Astrology come in - we provide bespoke and exclusive astrology web content, in addition to 'off-the-peg' astrology packages. Different, fresh and exciting astrology content or new age content, of genuine interest to your visitors, themed to fit your own web site, not someone else's!

  • General or themed weekly or monthly horoscopes
  • General or themed 'Your Year Ahead' predictions
  • 'Fun' Astrology on a whole variety of themes
  • General interest astrological articles
  • Astrology articles for novice, intermediate or advanced practitioners

Please visit our Astrology Web Content page for more information.


With so many consumer loyalty schemes around today, it's sometimes hard for marketeers to offer the loyal customer something new and a little bit different. Our professionally written and beautifully presented astrology reports could be just what you have been looking for - exciting, individual, with a high perceived value and genuinely enjoyable. Corporate gifts too can be - let's face it - a little boring at times. Astrology reports make wonderful inspirational and motivational gifts for employees, and clients will be impressed with something personal to them in the form of presentational company horoscopes and other related business astrology items.

Please visit our Coporate Services page for more information.


With an ever growing interest in all things 'new age', there has never been a better time to put sticky new age content on to your web site. We use the term 'new age' loosely, to cover divination, dreams, alternative health, meditation, yoga and dozens of other mind body spirit topics. Even if your business is not in itself 'new age', you'll be surprised at how appropriately new age content can be themed to your requirements.

Please visit our New Age Content page for more information.